Branding and recognition

Back in April, we were having a nice laid back weekend at home. I had on my “pang bahay” (house clothes) which consisted of a a t-shirt and old soccer shorts. Anakin proudly dressed himself that morning and had selected a polo and some comfy workout pants. Later that afternoon, he decided that he wanted to put on “exercise” clothes so we could do sports. He came downstairs and mentioned that he needed sport shorts.

I suggested his basketball shorts (which were his favorite hand-me-downs from his cousin), but he was insistent that he needed some “check mark” pants. I asked him, why “check mark” pants? Anakin then said that “check mark” means basketball, running, and all sports (complete with an all encompassing hand flourish). He wanted shorts just like mine and he pointed to the swoosh barely seen on the bottom of my shorts. Really? He understood what that was? I was a little surprised that he latched on to the Nike logo and that it was associated with all sports. While we do have athletic wear, we are by no means limited to a single brand.

Later in that weekend we were watching the NCAA March Madness tournament games (Go Gators!) and a Degree commercial with Kevin Durant came on.

“I don’t just play basketball, I do more.” This may explain it. While I didn’t initially catch this commercial the first go around, maybe Anakin saw it while we were watching the other games.

Adam Ladd did “Fresh Impressions on Brandmarks from a 5 year old” and his daughter’s responses were pretty interesting (thanks julezig for the heads up)! Maybe I’ll do a similar project with Anakin.

All in all, this little event had me thinking about this blog and what kind of space it will be for me. Right now, I see it as an outlet for what’s going on in my head especially since I’ve switched gears mentally. It’s also a journal for this time in our lives. I have been a long time reader of a number of mommy blogs (everyone is doing it), but I do want to keep the content and “my brand” true to me and family.

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