The New Normal

I have a tendency to have a “to do” list which is a over a mile long and I’m a bonafide plancrastinator. I overplan and then I’m often disappointed when things don’t turn out the way I thought, or I don’t complete the task (which happens more often). Now that I’ve started my new career I’m trying to pace myself so that I’m not setting myself up for failure. The first week, we began to settle into our new schedule and we decided to start night weaning Daisy. Getting adjusted to the new normal has been an interesting endeavor.

Now that we’re almost 4 weeks into our routine, I’m pleased to report that Daisy has slept by herself for a total of 6 nights! She even had a 3 night stretch (which I jinxed)! The 6 nights are a big deal for our baby steps family.

Here are some highlights from our adventures thus far:

First week: Family Adventure run (more to come), celebrated family birthday, Daisy started Little Gym classes, Library storytime with Anakin’s BFF, and a Dentist apt.


Big Accomplishment: Ran 3x in a week (Adventure run, 2 miler on the first triple digit day, and a 2 mile on a cool Saturday)

Second week: I signed up and started a virtual marathon, Library Storytime, more family celebrations, an aerial fitness class, and a Girls Night!

Big Accomplishment: I tackled “Harry Potter’s room” (the closet under the stairs), I’m embarrassed to say that it’s been our dumping grounds for a little bit of everything.

Harry’s Potter Room Before:20130521-211449.jpg

Harry Potter’s Room After:

Third week: Mother’s Day festivities, more running, Library storytime, Children’s Museum visit and early birthday celebrations – a baseball game and a night at the ballet!

Biggest accomplishment: Starting to get our menu planning under control.


Fourth week (so far): Longest run of the year (4.2 miles), halfway through my marathon, and Anakin’s last day of Pre-school (although he’ll stay in Pre-school this coming year).


Biggest accomplishment: Adding a door shelving unit to our pantry. It’s in serious need of organization!

I have a few posts brewing in my head. I’m working on a workflow/system to get my thoughts out here in a more timely manner.

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