Goals, Motivation and Expectations

My first month is in the books. I’m still struggling with setting/managing my goals and expectations. I know that I can’t do it all, so I’m trying to break things down into smaller chunks. I’ll need more help with this task! That’s one of my ongoing goals.

Monthly random roundup:
– I ran and completed a virtual marathon! Yay me! Yay for running and accomplishing a goal.


– The calendar was super busy due to mother’s day, birthday celebrations, Phoenix Comicon, more birthday celebrations, and Prom!


– I tackled Harry Potter’s room!

– We attended a few library Storytimes and I exchanged numbers with a couple of mommies. (But I haven’t connected with them yet)

– Playdates! Little Gym! And we are signed up for ISR!!

– I have yet to start on my den, I still have to tackle this mess and the current mess that is our bedroom closet implosion.


Goals for June:

– Start organizing my library lair
– Find a solution for our closet
– Get the house painting (exterior) figured out
– Start a strength training program
– Establish daily/weekly routines (play dates! Meal planning! Cleaning schedules!)
– Work out/run/swim 3x a week
– Activity planning for upcoming visitors
– Summer reading for all

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