More goals and distractions

In my last post, I made a list of goals for June. While I’m not able to cross anything off my list yet, I am making some strides towards those goals!  Remember this?




That’s much better!

I hit a Zumba class with friends last Saturday. I had a blast shakin’ it while fakin’ some of the moves. Once the kiddos are finished with ISR, we can join a gym and I’ll be able to go to more classes! That will be one of my August goals.  In the meantime, we’ve been swimming more this summer than we did last summer! The kids’ swim lessons have inspired me to do more than just bob around like a bouy.

In the realm of distractions, we are dog sitting this week.

The kids love having him around, although Anakin has stated that he hates dogs because they lick. Daisy absolutely loves him! So much that she’s renamed him “Ow-ow”! He gets second billing when she wakes up! His name is the second name uttered after “Mama.”

I didn’t really grow up with dogs, so this is my first real experience living with and caring for a dog. The walks are fun! Running is even better. I didn’t realize a great running buddy was hiding in “Captain Ow-ow”! We went to the park today and ran across the grass with reckless abandon. It was sheer joy for both of us! It will be interesting when he goes home next week. Maybe this is a test run for a new addition to our family!?!

As for the rest of the week, we have a play date scheduled this afternoon and I’m finally taking the vehicles in for recall work!  Most importantly, I’m going to run with “Captain Ow-ow” and do this workout before the end of the week!  I’m playing around with Pinterest to organize recipes for meal planning and exercises to do at home.

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