Looking back at June and ahead to July!

June flew by so quickly!  I didn’t get much accomplished with my goal setting for June.   Remember this list?

Goals for June:

– Start organizing my library lair
– Find a solution for our closet
– Get the house painting (exterior) figured out
– Start a strength training program
Establish daily/weekly routines (play dates! Meal planning! Cleaning schedules!)
– Work out/run/swim 3x a week
– Activity planning for upcoming visitors
Summer reading for all

  • purge family room of most of the toys (need to sort them now)
  • cleaned and organized master bedroom dresser area and drawers
  • organized and moved baby and maternity clothes to storage
  • playdate or fun outing during the week (one week we had 2 activities)
  • went to Happy Hour!
  • went on a Date!  (Start Trek:  Into Darkness was awesome)
  • Me time!  (Massages!  Reading!)
  • Run at least 2x a week.
    • I signed up for the Women’s Racing Series Half Marathon in Scottsdale this November as motivation.  It’s pushing 120 this week, but I’m dreaming of cooler temperatures.
    • Create a training plan for the WRS Half marathon (yay for lists)
    • Include strength training (planks and such)
  • Get ready for the big family gathering at our house in August.
    • Organize library area
    • Organize computer area
    • Prep rooms
    • Plan activities/outings
  • Weekly/Monthly Scheduling
    • Meal plan
    • CSA
    • Playdates (1-2 per week)
    • Date Night (don’t have to be out, but just quality time with the hubby)
    • Girls’ Activity
  • House work
    • Paper work for house painting
    • Master closet organization
    • Sort the toys
    • Create baby stuff inventory list (for family and friends)
  • Set up annual exams (eyes, dr. apt)
  • Relax while on Vacation!  Epic Family Road Trip is coming up this month!

You want this month started? Right!?  Let’s get this month started quickly!  Here we go!  Let’s Rock and Roll!

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