WRS Training Log 9/15/13

This week there was a little running and more cross training! Daisy finally flipped the switch and has accepted the kid care center at the gym and this has opened a whole new world for me.

  • Monday 9/9: Ballet Body Fusion class. It was my first time in this class, thankfully a really nice gal helped me get setup. We did a ton of Ballet arms and even more squats.
  • Tuesday 9/10: Personal Training. 3 circuits (pushups & pull up on the Smith machine, leaning forward lat raises, tri raises; 200m on the rower & 1 min planks; upright lat raise, shoulder press, alternating hands on low step to plank) and 1.0 mile run in 11:20 (shorter run to get the kiddos in plenty of time)
  • Wednesday 9/11: Lap Swim. A friend convinced me to swim laps with her. Swimming is harder in a lap pool! Are triathlons in my future? Probably not in the real world, but in the gym or a sprint maybe. Hubby says to slow down, I don’t even know how to use a bike!
  • Thursday 9/12: 2.13 miles, 26:38, 12:31 pace. Quick run. I didn’t get up early enough to do 3 miles, so I cranked out a quick 2.1 miler, before we got our day started.
  • 20130916-092052.jpg

  • Sunday 9/15: 7.09 miles, 1:22:30, 11:39 pace. Awesome sunrise run with the Cadence group. Used the Nuun cherry limeade (with caffeine). Played with stride and foot strike. Tried to run more on my mid-foot to shorten my stride, which in turn quickened my pace. I now have to find the happy place where I’m not starting off too fast, but I’m going at a good pace from the start.
  • 20130916-091746.jpg

Total miles: 10.22 miles

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