WRS Training Log 9/22/13

This has been a weird week for the training. Since I joined the gym, I’ve been meeting with a personal trainer, and one of the goals I have is to become a better swimmer. This week, he gave me some exercises to become a more efficient swimmer.

  • Monday 9/16: Rest and recovery from the long run
  • Tuesday 9/17: Swim workout with the personal trainer. Kick drills on each side, 8 kick switch, Finger tip drag. Things I have to work on: working from my hips (not kicking with my knees), tight core, breathing!
  • Wednesday 9/18: Met friends for more laps at the pool. 45 min: Kick drills on each side, 8 kick switch, Finger tip drag, kick drill no leading arms switching sides, 6 kick switch.
  • Thursday 9/19: Felt tired all day. Didn’t get my run in.
  • Friday 9/20: Two workouts today? Who am I? I ran 2 miles and the swam for 30+ min with my SIL. (More swim drills).
  • 20130924-142158.jpg

  • Saturday 9/21: Aerial acrobatics at the Circus School of Arizona. We did the Lyra (hoop), aerial fabrics, trapeze, and partner acro. My upper body and hands felt the pain the most. It was an amazing class! I have a newfound respect for aerialists.
  • 20130924-142541.jpg

  • Sunday 9/22: Long run with Cadence. 8 miles in 1:36:07. Windy on the way back. Played with stride, must do quick high knees during the week. Slow and steady finishes the run. Bird day! There were heron, sandpipers and a chicken freely moving along the route.
  • 20130924-142845.jpg

    Total: 10 miles

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