WRS Training Log: 9/29/13

This week:

  • Monday 9/23: Swim. This was my last scheduled swim session with personal trainer. I figured out that I’m pretty buoyant, since I could not get the pool buoy to work for me. It was probably pretty funny to see me bob and float in the water. Weather is finally staying in the double digits, which means cooler pool temps. Workout: kick drills, 8 kick switch, stroke work: catch up and full strokes. Things to work on: bilateral breathing and breathing every 3 strokes.
  • Tuesday 9/24: rest day
  • Wednesday 9/25: treadmill 5k in 35:03. I played with progressively increasing my pace starting from 4.5-6.0
  • 20130929-202803.jpg

  • Thursday 9/26: rest. Daisy caught a cold, so she’s been snarfly all night and day. I missed my window for a morning run and then dust storms came through in the afternoon. Oh yeah, it was also Hair cut day! Yay for new hair!
  • 20130929-203033.jpg

  • Friday 9/27: inadvertent rest day. Little one was still sick, so no gym or outdoors for me.
  • Saturday 9/28: Garden day! Separate post will be sprouting soon! Manual labor is hard work!
  • 20130929-203656.jpg

  • Sunday 9/29: Long run with Cadence group. 9.33 miles in under 1:45 (11:11 pace). We ran down a different section of the canal this morning, and since I’m a slower runner (with bad eyesight) I had to turn around and to get on the correct side of the canal. Then I adjusted my distance so I wouldn’t be short. I did I run a little with another gal. She’s got a quick pace, so that really helped me get started. I was able to maintain my pace throughout the run. I also tried to keep up with everyone that was passing me at the end, so that helped with my times. It was beautiful out this morning. It was in the 60s for the run. Sunrise was pretty gorgeous. This is why I love running outside!
  • 20130929-204333.jpg

    I thought I ran pretty fast today, and according to my split times, I did! But why is that pesky ‘mile 10’ messing up my average? (11:11 vs sub 11:00 time)


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