WRS Training Log 10/6/13

This week was filled with tests, falls, and an awesome long run!

  • Monday 9/30: Quick run and swim. 1 mile in 15 min treadmill. I found my polar heart rate chest strap and I tested it out to see if it talks to the treadmills at the gym! It does! That’s super exciting! Swam laps inside: 4x kick drills, 4x 8 kick switch, 2x catchup drills, 2x rhythm drills. Felt slow and sluggish, and not very buoyant. Oh well. 30 min swim.
  • Tuesday 10/1: rest day.
  • Wednesday 10/2: cardio assessment day. 15 min test to check my metabolic thresholds and get a better idea of which heart rate zones I should work in.
  • Thursday 10/3: treadmill run. Tried to do base builder workout. It’s hard to keep myself in zone 1 (132-141) when I’m used to working out in the upper limits of zone 2 (142-155) and zone 3 (155-163). I also earned my ‘falling off the treadmill’ badge! I guess I can’t talk and trot at the same time.
  • 20131009-192928.jpg

  • Friday 10/4: Is it bad that I’m drawing a blank? I’m going with: no workout.
  • Saturday 10/5: worked in the garden! Anakin was sick, but we squeezed in some garden time.
  • Sunday 10/6: Long run @ Cadence: 10.04 miles in 1:57:18. “L” paced me, she was trying to run slower than her normal pace and I was trying to speed it up. We chatted the whole way which made the time go pretty quickly. 10 miles under 2 hours!
  • 20131009-194222.jpg

    Total: 13 miles

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