WRS Training Log 10/13/13

  • Monday 10/7: Pilates demo session. 30 min intro to using the Pilates reformer. Excellent a workout, just a little expensive.
  • Tuesday 10/8: rest
  • Wednesday 10/9: Run club at the gym. We ran along the canal and I tried to do some 400 splits. I managed to eke out almost 5 miles, but it was hot (8:30 am run). It’s not summer but it’s also completely fall either.
  • 20131014-235800.jpg

  • Thursday 10/10: Espirit de She Tempe 5k 3.1 miles in 35:11.
  • Friday 10/11: yin/yang yoga. I haven’t been to a restorative yoga class, so I wasn’t expecting 5 min holds on poses. It was great, since my thighs and hips needed the stretching.
  • Saturday 10/12: the farm with the kiddos. Wish I had my fitbit on recording all my steps!
  • Sunday 10/13: long run at Cadence. 11 miles in 2:06. No garmin, just run keeper.
  • 20131015-000247.jpg


    Total miles: 18.94

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