WRS Training Log 10/20/13

  • Monday 10/14: rest, Internal debate on which race I’ll do in 2014: Lost Dutchman Half or the Phoenix Half Marathon. Still undecided, but I need to decide before prices go up again.
  • Tuesday 10/15: 3.15 miles in 37 min. Hills on the treadmill. Good times.
  • 20131020-222238.jpg

  • Wednesday 10/16: rest again. Feet are bothering me. plantar fasciitis??
  • Thursday 10/17: missed run
  • Friday 10/18: missed run
  • Saturday 10/19: walked around Vertuccio farms with the kids! We completed the corn maze. I wish I remembered to wear my fitbit for that walk.
  • Sunday 10/20: 12.05 miles in 2:17:53 (11:26 pace). The weather was absolutely amazing today.

    20131020-221127.jpgI didn’t wear my arch supports today. When I wore them last week, I felt like I was rolling too much out wards on my ankles. While I can’t sustain the pace for an extended period of time, I know that if I start to feel tired, I can pick up my knees and I can pick up my pace. I managed to get 10 miles in under 2 hrs and hit 12 miles at 2:18.

    20131020-221252.jpgSo far, I’m on track for right around 2:35 min half. I’m trying not to get my hopes high for a PR, but I will work for it! Miles 9 & 10 are the hardest for me mentally. I had to walk a bit, just a couple of minutes, but I still stopped to take a walk break. In fact, I took two conscious walk breaks. I have to work on starting off a little slower to ratchet up my energy towards mid race.

  • I know my feet hurt because I haven’t been putting up the proper weekly mileage. This week, I’ve planned my runs a little better, so hopefully I can put the miles in for the week.

    Tonight, I binged watched Parks and Rec season 4. (BTW: I love Adam Scott’s character. He’s just like me – stressball rule follower.). Here’s my view:


    Two weeks until Women’s Race Series in Scottsdale! I can do this!

    Total miles: 15.25 miles

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