WRS Training Log 10/27/13

    • Monday 10/21:  Treadmill hills 3.26 miles in 42:00


    • Tuesday 10/22:  rest
    • Wednesday 10/23:  rest
    • Thursday 10/24:  Treadmill hills 3.05 miles in 39:0320131028-134803.jpg
  • Friday 10/25:  Outdoor hills @ Discovery Park 5 miles in 54:49.  I finally figured out how to use my Garmin for training.  I played around with the training assistant setting. I set the distance for 5 miles and the pace for 11:30 and I ran it in 10:56. Yay! It was tough, but good practice.20131028-134814.jpg
  • Saturday 10/26:  rest
  • Sunday 10/27: Last long run before race day with Cadence.   7.08 miles in 1:22:52.  I can do this!



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