Celebration of training

This weekend, I’ll be running in my fifth half marathon! I’m a bundle of excited and nervous energy. I’m hoping that on Sunday, I remember that this race is a celebration of my training for the last few months.

My first half marathon was the 2004 PF Chang’s Rock N Roll AZ. I followed an online training program and I trained alone. I ran on mostly on the weekends and my goal was to finish in 2:45 and I came in 5 min under that time.


In 2005, I was registered for the PF Chang’s Half Marathon, but I didn’t follow through with my training and I had to sit this one out.

I came back to running regularly at the end of 2006, so I was ready for my second half marathon.  I trained for PF Chang’s Rock N Roll AZ 2007 with First Marathon based out of Mountainside Fitness. I was ecstatic to finish right under 2:30!


For my third marathon, I again trained for PF Chang’s Rock N Roll AZ 2008 with First Marathon with a goal of finishing under 2:20 and I finished just shy of that mark.  I remember following and trying to keep up with the 2:18 pacers, and being really close to the 2:22 pacers.


I finished angry. I was so close to my goal time, but I didn’t accomplish it. Thinking back on that day, I feel sad because I didn’t celebrate my training. I was so focused on the numbers that I lost sight of the real reason that I run. Running makes me happy and that day, I was angry. Angry because I didn’t push myself 2 minutes faster. I still accomplished an amazing feat. I still improved my time from the previous year, but I didn’t see that until recently.  I was chasing a number, instead of enjoying the ride.

My fourth half marathon was the 2010 Women’s Racing Series Arizona. This was my first big run after I had my son. I trained alone for this race and was aiming for finishing. I celebrated my 2:45 finish with my family and friends at the finish line. I was proud of my finish.


This Sunday, I’m back to the Women’s Racing Series Women’s Running Scottsdale/Tempe Half Marathon and aiming for 2:30 but really planning on celebrating my training and the run itself.

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