WRS Training Log 11/1/13

    • Monday 10/28:  rest
    • Tuesday 10/29: evening run to test out new gear. 3.3 miles 37 min. My new Team Sparkle hat from Sparkle Athletics came on sale at the perfect time. It’s the perfect color teal and the head sweats lining was just right to contain my sweaty brow. It has an elastic strap headband, so it’s tight and not adjustable.  It took a little getting used to, but it worked perfectly for this short run.



  • Wednesday 10/30:  Run Club at Lifetime Fitness.  I fell while running on the canal and I bruised my knees.  Not cool.  Not pretty.  I still did my half mile push circuit and the sprint runs.


  • Thursday 10/31:  rest!
  • Friday 11/1:  rest!

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