Gilbert Days 1 mile and 5k 2013

I’ve always loved the Gilbert Days race.  It was one of the first 5k’s I did after I had Anakin, and it’s always fun. There’s a mascot run and there are a lot of school aged kids at the race for the 1 mile, so it’s pretty high energy.  It’s always held on a Friday afternoon, so (for some reason — I’m a poor planner) I’m always rushing to the race.

1 mile:  Anakin ran the 1 mile for the first time last year.  He was pretty tired after the first quarter mile and this year we fell into the same boat.  I had to talk him out of quitting, we walked a good bit, but I know that he’s glad that he finished.  I just need to get him to run with me a little more often.  We didn’t really train him for the run this year, so that’s all on me.  This year, we made it back just in time for me to do a quick stretch and start the 5k.

Side note:  I had decided that I wasn’t going to run with my “toolbelt” since my mom had Daisy in the stroller and could hold the car keys.  We were running late, so while the kids used the bathroom before we left, I forgot to use the bathroom AND I also managed to forget my garmin at home.

5k: When the race gun went off, everyone didn’t seem to know that the race was starting.  It felt more like, “Oh, I guess we should go!”  I remember seeing 20 seconds on the clock as I crossed the start line.  There were a lot of kids running the 5k, so there was good bit of zigzagging during the first mile.  I was also getting passed by moms and dads with double wide strollers.  Since I was running tech-less and going on feel, I was super conscious of my heart rate and my breathing patterns.  While I read this article a few weeks ago, I hadn’t intended on putting it into practice until I realized my garmin was at home:  I could have used the RunKeeper app on my phone, but I decided that there would be no numbers during this race.

There were no mile markers, but I was extremely familiar with the course so I knew roughly where we were in mileage.  Once we hit the first mile, I started to push myself a little bit.  There were a few runners that I had my sights on, but they had a little faster pace and I wasn’t ready to go all out.  I was going to take water at the aid station, but they had no cups handy by the time I arrived and I decided not to wait for a cup of water.

Around mile 2, I caught up to a dad who was encouraging his young son. He was telling him that we were close to the finish, but we still had a good chunk to go. He was encouraging his son to take the race in small chunks as to not be discouraged. To take each section, i.e. each telephone pole, at a time. I took his advice and felt my strides increase. I started to pick out runners to catch and then I remembered Hungry Runner Girl’s tag line “It’s rude to count people as you pass them. Out loud.”

I kept increasing my pace and catching up to other runners. There was a lady in front of me who turned to see me catch up and she moved in front to take the inside lane. I thought she was boxing me out, so I turned on my jets as we turned the corner. Once I passed her, I saw my family right before the finish line. They were so cute waving and cheering for me. Their excitement was the big boost I needed to push towards the finish.

As I was running towards the finish, I wondered how close we were to 30 min? If I ran at my “normal” pace, how close we were to 35 min? I couldn’t believe it when I saw that the time was right at 30 min! I pushed it just a little harder and crossed the line at 30:55. I may have yelled “let’s finish this!” and scared some of the other finishers.

I checked the final results and I believe that my official time is 30:28. I may have had a sense of urgency since I had to go, or I may have been extra thirsty. But, my cadence was great and the sparkle got me the extra boost to the finish. Most importantly, I had an awesome run and had a great time with my family!


Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 11.19.47 PM


There was rejoicing at the finish line:  Video

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