Holiday-to-Holiday #RunChatHunt 2013

I’ve been following the RunChat conversations on Twitter.  It’s a great source for running/training tips and recommendations for running gear.  I was really excited when I found out there was a Holiday to Holiday Scavenger Hunt!

RunChatHunt Items

I’ve always wanted to do a scavenger hunt, so I voted for my favorite items and I enthusiastically started the hunt on Black Friday.

Body of Water:

Porta Potty:

Mile Marker: (Yes, I gave myself the giggles with this one.)

I’ll continue to update this post as I collect more items on the scavenger hunt!

Railroad crossing 4/10

Local coffee shop (appropriately named) 5/10

Sheep at The Farm at Agritopia 6/10

Random runners at the Hot Chocolate 15k. 7/10

Santa 8/10

Snowman and it’s inflatable 9/10 10/10

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