My big mileage day

Today was the day of the big Rock N Roll PF Chang’s half marathon. I’ve trained for 3 of them in the past, so I always get excited when race day approaches. It’s a fun and very popular race, but I skipped it since I’m working on being fiscally and physically responsible. I intended on doing my own “Kikkoman/La Choy” miles (the cheaper, do-it-yourself version of PF Chang’s), but I broke it up instead.

I met the Cadence group at our normal time, but as soon as we started my right knee started to bother me. I think that I bruised myself just below the knee during the course of the day yesterday, but I’m not sure. I talked myself down one mile at a time from the planned 12-13 miles. During the first mile, the area below my right knee was hurting and both of my calves were tight. I made it to mile 2 and stretched my legs. I was feeling a little better, so pushed myself a little further. After 3+ miles, I decided that I was not making the 13 miles and I turned around to head back.

The sun was coming up and I was feeling good while I was walking my knee wasn’t bothering me. When I finished my 6.7 miles, I decided that I still wanted to be outside enjoying the day.


I arrived home and convinced my husband to go on a hike! I’ve been envious that he’s been out hiking a couple of times this year without me. He’ll go after my long runs and take friends or Anakin. I’m usually too beat to go. My legs weren’t completely fresh, but they weren’t tired, so we set out on a nearby trailhead for a date!

The trail was challenging, but doable. It was just what I needed: nice weather and great company. After the 4.6 mile hike, we came home to ice knees and chill for the rest of the day! I’m glad we were able to take advantage of the glorious day before the temperature starts increasing in the valley.

6.7 + 4.6 = 11.3 not quite enough for a half marathon distance but high on the quality time!

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