Training for a Tri!

I completed my first bike ride in my triathlon training! One of my goals for 2014 is to ‘Try a Tri’ and I’ve signed up for the Esprit de She Super Sprint triathlon in May. Keep in mind, my swimming isn’t great and I signed up without a bike!

I purchased my helmet and I’m I borrowing my sister in law’s bike to see if this Tri thing is a phase or if I’ll get hooked. Today was my first real ride out on the streets.

I took a route I normally run and extended it a little bit. Honestly, I’m not used to riding a bike and I know I have a lot of practice to ahead of me.

Three things:
1. I didn’t fall off! There were 3 near misses. Don’t try to get on a curb sideways. D’uh.
2. Sitting can hurt. After a few more rides and I’ll be okay.
3. There’s a reason they call them Brick runs! I ran 1.2 miles after my 6.5 mile ride. My feet were so heavy and I felt like my caboose was dragging behind me, but when I looked at my garmin I was actually pretty speedy!




I felt like a little kid riding through the neighborhood. It was awesome! Next week, more water time!

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