Finding my rhythm


This week, I’ve been working off three plans: menu, cleaning and workout.

The menu plan is working well. Constant communication between my folks and myself helps out a lot and we are clearing out the pantry! Bonus!!

The cleaning plan isn’t working out. I’ve over scheduled myself this week: workouts, dance class, music class and kinder registration took up more time than I budgeted.

The workout plan started off with a lite cardio session at the gym on Monday, a strong 5 miles on Tuesday, Run club on Wednesday, and Swimming on Thursday. I had a bike ride scheduled for today, but after yesterday’s swim + up most of the night with weaning toddler = a really dragging mommy today. I decided that I needed another rest day since I’m not feeling so spry.

While we didn’t get to all the play dates and activities on the calendar, I did get a date night with my baller hubby this week and I’m hanging out with the girls tonight. I also took Anakin on a fun bike ride visiting the parks throughout the neighborhood.

During yesterday’s swim, I was really discouraged and frustrated. I was working on my drills, but had a really rough time putting the separated pieces back together to make a freestyle stroke. Why did I sign up for the super sprint when I can’t even swim one length of the pool? I took a deep breath, told myself to chill out and reminded myself that’s why I’m in the pool now. I got it together to swim one length with just the right rhythm. I was breathing on both sides and I didn’t feel like a floundering fish. It was awesome! I caught my breath and tried again. This time, I felt how tired was and I became a floundering fish. We’ll find try to find the rhythm again next week.


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