Songs of My Life

NPR Blogs posted The 6 Songs of My Life ( a few weeks ago and I’ve been struggling with narrowing down my list to 6 songs.

Here’s what I submitted:

When I Need You — Leo Sayer
When I was born, my dad was stationed on the US Saratoga and was away for big chunks of time for the first 2 years of my life. My mom would sing this to me as a lullaby. When I was older and away at college, the song would come on the radio or play in the grocery store and I would automatically tear up and get homesick.

Could’ve Been – Tiffany
I sang this song as my audition for my fifth grade talent show. I didn’t make it into the show. It was also the theme to all my unrequited middle school crushes.

Take My Breath Away – Berlin
My high school sweetheart loved the Top Gun soundtrack, so it was the soundtrack of our first dates. Decades (!) later, we withstood the test of time and long distance relationships and we are very happily married. This song still makes my pulse race and will always be “our song.”

Blue (Da Ba Dee) – Eiffel 65
This song played constantly during my first two years of graduate school and reminds me of being away from loved ones after 9/11.

Umbrella – Rhianna
Smack That – Akon
These songs (surprisingly) followed my husband and I as we traveled around the globe in 2007. We first heard them in the Philippines as we visited family, then on the radio and store TV screens in Siberia, Krakow, Paris, London, and San Juan.

You and I Both – Jason Mraz
This song was on my playlist as I trained for my first half marathon. Later, I would sing this song to my first baby (born via c-section) and I used it as one of my relaxation songs in preparation for the birth of my second child (vbac – vaginal birth after cesarean).
These lyrics spoke to me: “Was it you who spoke the words, that things would happen but not to me. Oh things are going to happen naturally.”

YouTube playlist:

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