Almost time and new goals!

We are a week and a half to Race Day! I panicked earlier today. The Phoenix Half Marathon is officially sold out and for a few minutes I thought that I didn’t sign up for the race. I searched my email looking for the race confirmation and it didn’t come up automatically. Thankfully, I found it and we are still set to race a week from Saturday!

The last month I’ve been wrestling with minor injuries. I’ve been incorporating more speed work in my training, so I’ve aggravated my right hip and knee. During Sunday’s 11 miler my right hip was bothering me, so I did yoga yesterday and I took it easy today with a short swim session. Tomorrow, we’ll try some speed work, but I’ll pull back if my hip starts complaining. I’m this close to the race, so I don’t want jeopardize anything!

Today, I weighed in for the first week in the 90 challenge at the gym. I signed up for the Transformation challenge, without really knowing what I was signing up for. My goal is to lose 11% body far, to get myself within the healthy range. This first week was a wake up for me to start watching what I’m eating and to incorporate more strength training in my routines. I also need to fine tune my cardio workouts, so that I’m in the fat burning stage as opposed to just pushing myself to the upper limits of my heart rate zone.

It also doesn’t help when there is chocolate in the house. Especially when family decides to make fun treats.


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