Triathlon training time!


It’s post race recovery and re-evaluation time. Yay, I got a personal record in my half marathon! Now, what’s next?

I have two races already on my calendar. My first triathon, Esprit de She Super Sprint in May, and the other Tempe Esprit de She event, a night time 5k in October.

We’ll be running the KaPow Superhero Adventure run as a family in a couple of weeks, and Anakin is super excited about it!

Now that I have decided to focus on the triathlon there are a bunch of local races. Honestly, I’ve fallen so far off the training wagon and I’m crawling back up to the path. After the Phoenix half, I’ve run a few times (4 super easy runs, 2 run club speed type workouts) but I’ve only been in the pool and on the bike once each. Yikes! Time to kick it up a notch.

Part of my problem is I haven’t mapped out my training plan. I totally took the last 2+ weeks off, when I know that I work so much better when I have a plan. I joined a couple of triathlon groups on Facebook & I also joined a couple of meetup groups for local triathletes. So now, I’m motivated and I’ve laid out a plan.

March is almost done, but that’s not going to stop me. Let’s start the madness!!

5 thoughts on “Triathlon training time!

  1. My goal is often to run just one step further each workout.

    It won’t happen, so train above your target pace regularly.
    Carry a couple of energy bars or sports gels (around 200-300 calories each) and eat or
    drink one at least every hour to hour and a half.

    1. For my first tri, it was definitely all about the experience and finishing the race. Now I know what to expect, I’ll pay more attention to training paces.

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