Last week in training

Last week was a doozy! I started off on the right foot and had an awesome run on Sunday, but then life got in the way and I went 0-3 on my planned workouts for Monday-Wednesday. Wednesday was one of those days that was all planned out and then said plan got derailed by the littlest one. I was frustrated, but kept it together. I was in a workout deficit induced depression, and needed a change in attitude to get me through the day. I planned for an early run on Thursday and made sure that I would be successful.

With this planned run, I was able to turn it around Thursday with two workouts: the daybreak run and a morning swim (20 min). And that’s what I needed to get my momentum started.  I’m on a streak now!

Friday – I worked on my swim  (25 min).
Saturday – I ran twice, 4 miles and the KaPow Adventure run with the family.

Sunday – Awesome hike with a friend.


Now, I’m ready to keep moving forward, my first triathlon is a month away!


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