Just keep swimming

Less than a week until the Esprit de She Triathlon and I’ve tackled my distances, although separately. Saturday morning I biked 6.6 miles and ran 1.6 miles.


Sunday temperatures were a little cool for this time of the year and I felt like I was the only one crazy enough to swim outdoors. After I took my pictures other crazy swimmers arrived! I swam 16 laps in the outdoor pool.


I asked a seasoned triathlete to verify the distance of the outdoor pool and it turns out I’ve been wrong this whole time! The outdoor pool is 25 yards and the indoor pool is 25 meters. So when I do the math again… It turns out I’ve been swimming longer distances!
TriNewbies breaks down the distances and as it goes, I was also getting my terminology confused. Length is wall to wall in one direction and a lap is 2 lengths.

This morning when I hit the pool, I was more confident and I swam most of my 10 lengths to finish my almost .25 mile swim. :).


No wonder I was exhausted yesterday. I was beginning to think that I wasn’t going to be able to bike and run after the swim. Now, I know that I can do my first Tri!!

*I am an Esprit de She Ambassador.  Come tri with me on May 4th!  I have a fancy referral code (EDS85) you can use if you sign up for any of the upcoming races.  You can also save 15% with SS15.

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