Summer and Hot Chocolate

’twas the night before the Summer Series and all through the house,
Mommy was packing her gear and her fave run blouse
A 5k will be run, warmed up with some care.
Here’s to praying that the morning will have nice cool air.
In this race she’s hoping that PRs will be shattered,
But no pressure here, that’s not all that matters.
A fun race in the Riparian Preserve is what is in store,
Oh wait, I should be asleep so rhymes are no more!

Okay, now that I have that out of my system….

I’m running in the Arizona Road Racers Summer Series #1 tomorrow morning. It’s a 5k on this side of town, so I’m supporting it as best as I can. I’m aiming for a sub 30 5k, but I haven’t been running as much the last two weeks since Anakin was sick. There are 800 runners registered for tomorrows run. It’s a big little race!

I also have more news! I’ve been selected as an ambassador for the Hot Chocolate Phoenix 5k/15k. If you’re planning out your race calendar it is scheduled for Dec. 7, 2014. Use the code


at registration and you’ll get a dri fit running hat in your race packet.


If enough people use the code, I’ll be reimbursed for my entry. I was already planning on participating in this race and I will pay for my race entry in advance. Last year, I scoured the web for coupon codes and came across one for a pretty cool travel mug.

More on this in an upcoming post! I’ve got to rest if I’m aiming for a sub 30!!

Disclaimer: I’ve been selected as an ambassador for the Hot Chocolate Run in Phoenix. All opinions and experiences are my own.

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