Keep moving

For the random thoughts file…

Last week, a friend from high school passed away. We were on Winterguard together. Z was a feisty little firecracker with a big heart. She has been fighting breast cancer for the last four years.   A couple of songs from Winterguard have been in my head for the past few days.

In Winterguard, we stretched to Kenny Loggins’ “Love”


“Every little thing” was our show for my senior year.


Z was full of love.

llama hugs


Llamas make her smile and she loves her kids fiercely.  I know Z is free from pain now. I’ll never forget her big smile and contagious laugh.  I’m keeping her kids and her family in my thoughts and prayers.


Screen shot 2014-05-27 at 9.08.25 PM

The same week, I also celebrated my birthday.   I was a little surprised by the Google Doodle on my special day; I actually thought that Google was celebrating someone else’s birthday.  I was also surprised with beautiful flowers from family friends and I was surrounded by love for my family and friends.



I found this quote in my birthday surprise from my best friend, it’s from “Think Happy, Be Happy” and it’s been my mantra for the week.



for balance.
because my kids are watching.
to clear my head.
to feel strong.
because I can.

I’ve been running a lot the last few weeks and I ran 4.5 miles for National Running Day, but I do miss swimming and biking.  Look out, I may be a triathlete after all…

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