Pushing the limits and knowing my boundaries

I love this picture…

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It's a cool day at the pool! #summerfun #summersplash

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However, it’s also how I fried my phone.

I have a LifeProof Case and I love it.  I’ve had it for a long while, and during Father’s Day weekend I decided to take pictures while we were in the pool.  I love the way this one turned out!

After I took a few pictures, my husband says to me, “You must really want a new phone.”  I brushed it off and replied, “Oh no, it’s fine.  The case is waterproof.”  I didn’t even think twice and, thankfully, I didn’t have any problems.

Later on in the week, I took the kids to the public pool for a swim.  I saw them playing wonderfully together, so I grabbed my phone and took some pictures.  Again, I didn’t think twice, until I felt the phone heat up.  Then the battery drained.  I thought it just needed charging.  Then the phone was only operational when plugged in.  And it was continuously searching for service.  I took the phone out of the case and threw the phone into a bag of rice.  The next morning, still searching for service and only powered when plugged in.  Another stay in the bag of rice.  The phone is working well without direct power connection.  But has no cellular service.

I haven’t tested my case in a while, so I probably should have checked it after the first submersion.  I pushed the limits and I was a little too cavalier in the pool.  Thankfully, we have an older phone that I can use.  This is the last picture I took with my phone before it became an iPod Touch.


Big and Strong!

Big and Strong!

That picture is a good segue to our BIG NEWS, as in BIG GIRL NEWS.  We stopped nursing last week.  Daisy is two and seven months, and was still night nursing.  She is my amazing communicator.   She let me know at 18 months that she was ready for the potty and done with diapers.  She’s been able to articulate and convey what she’s thinking, and if I can’t understand her, she has even come up with other ways to get her point across.  She didn’t really need to nurse, she just wanted to nurse.  Her term for nursing was DehDeh, and DehDeh helped her feel better at bedtime.  Since she was so big in so many ways, we still used DehDeh for comfort.  She’s so independent, I felt like we went from an infant to a preschooler, so we didn’t have an extended toddler stage.  To keep up with her Kuya (Big Brother), she would demand to do many things herself.  DehDeh was the only thing that reminded me that she was still little.  She would DehDeh to sleep or right before dozing off, and sleep for a few hours and wake up looking for me and DehDeh.  A few months ago, we transitioned to DehDeh only at bedtime and in the morning when the sun was up.  She learned quickly and would wake me up with “Mama, it’s a sunny day.  DehDeh?”  When others would take her to bed, she would sleep through the night, often enough for us to start seeing the pattern that we needed to break.

When we went to Phoenix Comicon and stayed in a hotel for the weekend, DehDeh stayed at home and she was able to sleep right next to me without nursing.  That’s when I realized that we were done.  Nursing has been an awesome way maintain that connection with her.  We’ve been going on so long, that I didn’t want to let it go either.  With my son, we had to stop nursing because I was pregnant and it was painful.  I’m not preggers, but it was starting to be painful.  I believe that the nursing relationship should always be mutually beneficial.  If it’s not, then it shouldn’t be forced (in either direction).

I knew that my nursing time with Daisy was over and I began to prep her for what was coming up.  We nursed for a week, and we talked about how DehDeh used to help Mommy feel good too, but now DehDeh hurts, since the milk is almost gone.  Last Thursday was the last night that she nursed.  We said “Good bye” and “Good night” to DehDeh that night.  She cried a lot the next few nights, and now she asks just in case I’ve changed my mind.  She knows that DehDeh is for little babies, like her baby cousin.  As she says, “Big girls don’t need DehDeh.  Babies does.”  Earlier today, while she was playing she wished aloud that she was a baby.  My heart ached with the realization that she’s big enough to realize that our DehDeh time is now in our rearview mirror.


Comfy cozy snuggle.

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