July Week 1

I haven’t been getting the running mileage in, but I have been getting in my strength training workouts!

1st: 2 mile Barbell sandwich!
Ran 1 mile, did Barbell Strength and capped it off with another mile.

2nd: Run Club + Swim
My hip/glute was bothering me, so I only ran 3.75 miles. I did get in the pool and swam 3 laps.

3rd: Comp session with Trainer
I tried out some new exercises with a personal trainer. (0.5 miles)

4th: Holiday rest day!

5th: 4 miles along the canal with a running/tri friend and her dog.  She’s training for the Mountain Man Sprint this month!   My hip/glute was painful for the first mile. After some stretching, it felt much better. Mini laps in the pool after playing with the kiddos.

6th: rest + more mini laps in the pool with the family

7th: rest + planning the week.

8th: Barbell strength + cadence heat training/Brooks night run! (3 miles)  It was toasty (101!) and humid.  My hip didn’t bother me so much, it must have been the tester shoes!  Brooks Transcend for the win!

9th:  Treadmill run 3 miles.  I did a fat burner workout, but my heart rate monitor was acting a little crazy.  My glute/hip was bothering me on the sprints (7 mph)!  Hmph.  Must be the shoes.  Or the dreadmill.  Who knows?

Total so far for July: 16 miles

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