A Whole Change

I’ve tried to kick start our diet overhaul a few times this year. I found out about Whole30 through friends and also via SwimBikeMom.  I signed up and had the intentions of starting with the SwimBikeFood Challenge back in April. I wasn’t quite committed (read: I didn’t have the hubby on board) when it started. Shortly after, we got “Norovirus” and then it was time for an awesome girls’ getaway weekend. Needless to say, it was not a successful attempt. At the end of May, I did another Facebook group 30 day challenge with Amy of GetOutandMove. Again, I wasn’t fully committed, so while I was watching what I ate, I wasn’t being truthful to myself to warrant enough to real results.

In August, I declared war on myself (in a good way)! My two previous forays into clean eating, and my focus on purposeful exercise gave me a jump start on this new challenge.


Day 1 of the 90 day (and Whole 30) challenge.

I’ve signed up for the 90 Day challenge at the gym again and this time, I’m following the Whole30 mindset for eating. I’m 14 days into the challenge and I’m a seeing a Whole change into my attitude towards food. I’m not craving all the pasta and sugar that I thought I would. I haven’t wavered even though the kiddos are still eating ‘normal’ foods.

So far, I’m committed to see this through. All around, I’m feeling better. Days 5-6 were the worst for me. I think that’s when I hit the carb withdrawals. I’m still fine tuning the proper fueling times pre and post workout. The hubby lasted through Day 5, but he’s still doing a great job of limiting the junk and practicing moderation in eating. This is really what we wanted, a kick in the right direction to overhaul our diet.  He’s also super supportive and encouraging me as I’m chugging along on the Whole30 train.

I’m not to the point where the kids are also following a similar diet – I think they need their dairy and legumes. But we have been taking more about healthy choices for our bodies.  Anakin started school a couple weeks ago and I’m packing his lunches.  He’s super picky and I have to choose my battles when filling his box.  While he likes some fresh fruit, we don’t always have it on hand.  I really hate that you have to read labels more than once.  At first glance, “No Sugar Added” caught my attention and “artificially sweetened” with Sucralose was hiding just above the line.   I was hoping for no sweeteners at all.  :-/

Labels deceive -- sort of.

Labels deceive — sort of.

Right now, my main struggle is I’m missing my sports drinks when I run. I had recently found Skratch labs pineapple flavored hydration mix and it’s light and not too sweet. I find that is what I’ve been craving the most.   I started to drink some coconut water, but it’s not the same.  I’m also hitting the 2 week slump, where the food ideas are no longer new and my old standbys are starting to get old.

Breakfast is my go-to meal!

Breakfast is my go-to meal!

Time to hit the web for more ideas. :).

This week is the first week for the Women’s Running Series Women’s Half Marathon training.  My long run wasn’t that great, there were a lot of walking breaks this morning.  It’s tough getting back into the longer distances, especially during the summer.

Side note: I love that my run club friends and I are swimming after we run!





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