The Whole Finish Line – August

IMG_0838-0.JPGI made it through the 27 days of the Whole30. Three of the six of us were sick this past week. I had some food fatigue by day 21 and I was starting to feel sick.  By day 24, I needed some OJ to help turn my sickness around. By day 27, our family friends arrived into town and I gave in to the hamburgers and hotdogs. Ugh, after lunch I felt so horrible!

Earlier in the week, I read this post from the Whole30, and even though I didn’t make it to the 30 days in my first attempt, I felt like I got what I wanted from the Whole30 experience. I know that I can live without the junk food. I don’t need fast food fries to get me through my day.  I’m not craving sugar anymore.  I don’t have to eat several handfuls of potato chips.  I know what my body feels like when I eat cleanly, and I feel so much better for it!  I hate that I feel bloated after I eat flour and sugar.  I know that I need protein for breakfast and that helps me have a great start to my day.

Bonus!  I lost a few pounds and my clothes are fitting much better since starting the Whole30.  I took initial measurements, but I haven’t taken the follow up measurements for comparison.

I’m really excited about my new perspective on food.  This month, I’m going to participate in the Burpee and Lunge challenge through one of my FB running groups.  Oh and by the way, I signed up for a mini pool tri in 28 days!!  I guess I thrive on impulsive race sign ups!  I’m excited for this race.  It’s a 250 yd swim, 9.5 mi bike and 2 mi run.  I feel like it’s attainable in 27 days, and since it’s a pool tri it will be a completely new experience. I have my training schedule mapped out, so I’ll be ready for the tri!

I’m still borrowing my sister in law’s bike since I’m still trying to figure out what kind of bike I’d like to own.  I’m so grateful that she’s letting me borrow her bike, otherwise I would have never known that I love riding to school with Anakin.  The mornings are pretty amazing.  It’s still pretty hot here, so the afternoons aren’t that pleasant, but riding the bike beats getting to school 30 min early and wasting gas while trying to stay cool.


I can’t believe that summer is over and we’re now adjusting to our new fall schedule.  I just wish the fall temperatures were here already!

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