Friendly Competition

“What’s your number?” Ever since I gave the Hubby a Garmin Vivofit for his birthday, we’ve been neck deep in competition!  I love how his Vivofit reads “LEG” instead of 9:37 🙂 from this angle.


I’ve had a Fitbit One for almost 2 years and I’ve loved tracking my steps.  They have great customer service.

I’ve been “competing” with friends (both near and far), and it’s been a great motivating tool.  After reading DC Rainmaker’s review, the VivoFit was a better device for the Hubby.  He plays basketball 2-3 times a week and he’s also starting up his first Couch to 5k.  He wanted to be able to track his heart rate while he plays ball, so that essentially made the Vivofit the best choice.

Once the Hubby got a tracker, the intensity of the competition moved up a few levels.  We are so competitive against each other.   On Halloween, he reached his first 20k day!  I tried my best to catch up, but I just couldn’t do it.  After I took the kiddos Trick or Treating, I did a couple of sprints across the street and he tried to catch me. (You can see our shadows in the first part of the picture below.)  The kids were tickled watching us run!


It’s been a great way to keep us moving all day long!


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