Keeping up with the plan

I had an awesome week after my last post. I ran to the polls.

I was keeping up with this month’s challenge and I had my butt kicked on treadmill hills at Dawn Patrol.


I have a new BFF!

I have my own road bike, so now I’m getting serious about the Triathlon training! Next plan of business is to I’m figure out my 2015 race calendar.


But I fell off the training wagon this past week due to birthday celebrations and visiting family. This one runs our show!


I missed a couple of runs, including my long run. Ugh, it’s harder to get out of bed when the weather is cooler. But it’s also the perfect temperature for running!

I’m running a 5k tonight, the Gilbert Days 5k, one of my favorites; so I snuck in a mini tempo run yesterday.


After the 5k, I have a long run scheduled for Sunday. I’m going to try for 8-9 miles using the run/walk method. I’ll try for the 4 min run/1 min walk to see how that feels.

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