Return of the long run

It was a little chilly. Gloves and sleeves were in order.

I did the run/walk intervals (4min run/1min walk) as best I could with traffic breaks. I also used the Pear app to try to stay within zone 2 heart rate.

It’s been a long while since I’ve seen this bridge.


I felt good coming back. I finished the pear messenger workout and walked the last half mile to continue the cool down.


Sunrise cacti

Made it back!!


My last long run was about 7 miles a few weeks ago, and I felt like I didn’t have enough hydration. I may have over estimated my hydration for this run.


I was an over-prepared pack-mule for this run, but now I remember how to get the higher mileage done! Weather was perfect and the run wasn’t too shabby!

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