This week: 11/17 #MotivateMe

Last week’s recap:

Monday: missed yoga
Tuesday: calibration/mini run (3 mi) + mini ride (2 mi)
Wednesday: missed dawn patrol
Thursday: tempo run (2.5 mi)
Friday: Gilbert Days 5k
Saturday: rest
Sunday: long run (8.5 mi)
Total: 19 miles


This week’s plan:
Monday: Yoga
Tuesday: 4 miles
Wednesday: run club/dawn patrol
Thursday: swim/bike
Friday: Yoga
Saturday: Gilbert Days 10k
Sunday: swim/bike
Planned: 15 miles

#MotivateMe. I like what Running Rachel and Fitness Cheerleader have set up for Mondays. I need this type of motivation to put my plans in action.

Another motivation is the upcoming IndoorTri by Lifetime Fitness.
Sunday, Jan. 4th
10 min swim/ 30 min bike/ 20 min run. One hour to becoming a Triathlete! :). It’s on! 😄


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