This week: 11/24 Holiday Challenges begin


Last week’s plan:
Monday: Yoga – awesome to get back in the studio
Tuesday: 4 3 miles
Wednesday: run club/dawn patrol – canal running good times!
Thursday: swim/bike – missed workout due to kiddo’s dental visit
Friday: Yoga 20 min swim
Saturday: Gilbert Days 10k – awesome run with a new running buddy!
Sunday: swim/bike Lazy! Yikes!
Planned: 15 miles 19 miles

This week’s plan:
Monday: Swim/Yoga
Tuesday: 4 miles
Wednesday: run club/dawn patrol
Thursday: Turkey day run
Friday: Yoga (one mile run!)
Saturday: Cadence/Bosa Donut run
Sunday: 9-10 miles
Planned: 25 miles

I’m doing 2 (maybe 3) holiday challenges this season. I’m back for Coach Jenny’s Holiday challenge (getting in the workouts), I’m upping the ante with Run to the Finish & Sweat Guru’s Holiday Sweat Challenge (this one includes counting water & fruits and veggies), and I’m starting the Runner’s World Run Streak (at least one mile a day from Thanksgiving through New Years)!

Coach Jenny’s Holiday Challenge:  Each 10 min of activities = 1 mile. You post your planned workouts and then follow up with the actual.

Sweat Pink Gurus = clean eating + working out + water consumption

Runner’s World Run Streak = one mile a day

Let’s do this!!

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