Back on Track

At least I was last Wednesday night!

I started running in college. During my freshman and sophomore years I would work out with friends and occasionally run behind them. My junior year we moved to the university and I took a jogging class as my phys ed requirement. It was a night class with some super speedy runners. We ran all over campus, did stairs at the football stadium and even ran on the main field! After the semester was over, I followed my roommates to the track for evening runs. And then I kept going. And going and going. Other friends joined in on the fun. It was a dimly lit track (to conserve energy). While I didn’t do formal workouts, after awhile I would challenge myself to sprint faster along the straightways.

It’s been many years since I had a chance to run on a track. One of my running groups holds track night every week and last week was the first time I could make it.

We did 6x800s and it rained!



There’s something about the spongy feel of the track, adjusting my breathing to the cadence of my run and cooler the night air to make me feel at home.



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