This week: Dec 8 Fiesta prep!

Last week’s plan:  To fully recover and get back on track.
Monday: hills/swim – 37 min swim
Tuesday: 4 miles/swim – 3 mile RunChatHunt run
Wednesday: run club/dawn patrol/swim  – sick Daisy and a track workout (3 miles)!

Thursday: 4 miles
Friday:  2 miles (better than no miles)

Saturday: bike
Sunday: Hot Chocolate 15k (Goal A:  1:45 (beat last year’s time); Goal B:  Have fun!) – spoiler alert!  I pr’d and had a ton of fun!

Planned: 15 miles

CJ Holiday challenge:  20/15

Holiday Sweat challenge:  19

This week’s plan:  Maintain activity for Fiesta Bowl Half!

Monday: swim/yoga
Tuesday: 3 miles/swim
Wednesday: run club/dawn patrol/swim
Thursday: 4 miles
Saturday: bike
Sunday:  Fiesta Bowl Half (Goal A:  Do intervals (4min run/1 min walk).  Don’t chase a number!  Have fun!)

Planned: 20 miles


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