My Holiday Fit List 2014

This post is sponsored by FitApproach and Flipbelt.  

Need some last minute shopping ideas for the runner or newbie triathlete in your life?  These are my favorite things which make my running/tri life easier and some also have bonus points for multitasking!

1.  Reflective Lock Laces – These puppies are awesome for making transition easy, plus they save time when I’m on the go with the kiddos. The reflective laces are perfect for being seen on an early morning run, a holiday light run or any time in the moonlight!  For the stylish runner in your life, there’s a great selection of colors to match from head to toe.  These also make a great stocking stuffer.

Reflective Lock Laces

Reflective Lock Laces


2.  Race number belt/Bib magnets – I love to wear my fun technical shirts on race day, but the thing that I hated the most was using safety pins to wear the race number.  A race number belt or bib magnets are uni-taskers which have the important job of saving expensive technical fabrics from the safety pin.  They save you time and save your shirt!  You can find a race number belt or bib magnets to fit your runner’s personality and style.  I found a good selection of both at my favorite local running store.

Magnetic Bib Holders:  BibBits

Magnetic Bib Holders: BibBits


3. Compression socks – I thought compression socks were just a fad since I didn’t fully comprehend how helpful they are with aiding leg circulation.  Compression socks have become an integral part of my recovery routine after my long runs and races.

I also realized how awesome compression socks are for long travel days.  There are so many cute styles and designs.  Zoot, SLS and Pro Compression socks are in my sock drawer.  I use Left Lane Sports to get really great deals on compression socks!  There are also a number of Pro Compression ambassadors with 40% off codes.

4. Bia Sport – I found out about Bia Sport via Kickstarter.  I really liked the GPS watch they were developing and I wanted to be a part of this movement.  I have a long list of favorites things about this watch, but the top three include the SOS feature (sends my hubby/text list my GPS coordinates if I’m in trouble), the Live Tracking feature (so helpful for coordinating race meetups + friends and family can cheer me on virtually), and best of all — I can wear it all the time!  I’ve been wanting a multisport watch, but they were all big and bulky and didn’t really offer time as a standard operating screen.  My Bia is slim enough that I wear it as my everyday watch.   (The GPS unit is a separate component.)

5. FlipBelt – The hubby calls my FlipBelt — “my pantless pockets.”   Where has it been all my life??  It is definitely a helping hand when I need it most.  It has a reflective wording so I wear it on my runs and when I’m walking the kiddo to school.  I can tuck in my keys and phone and I don’t have to worry about either falling out of my pants pockets.  I ordered a large, so it sits on my hips just below my waist.  So far, it doesn’t move around while I’m wearing my capris or running shorts.  I’ve worn my FlipBelt while shopping and it’s so light, I forget that it’s on.  I can’t wait to wear it when I go out with the gals, especially when it’s a dancing night!  Now, I’m not limited to wearing jeans or pocketed pants to hold my keys and cards.    I selected black because I wanted something neutral while traveling, but there are tons of fun colors.  I’m going to have to go back for a fun color or two!

I have a number of 33% off codes if you want to order a Flipbelt for that special runner on your list!  Leave me a note in the comments and I’ll email the code to you!

These 5 things were new to me in 2014 and now I can’t live without them!  What is high on your list?  

Disclaimer:  I was provided with a Flipbelt in exchange for this post, all other items were independently purchased.  I am currently a Bia Sport field tester.  Some links are affiliate links.  All opinions are mine and I received no other compensation.  



2 thoughts on “My Holiday Fit List 2014

  1. I keep on doubting about compression socks.
    Had them off and on my christmas list a few times now.
    You just wear them after some long runs during the rest of the days? And it helps recovery?

    1. I’ve worn them on some long runs, but I find that they help when I wear them the rest of the day after my long runs. I’ll also wear them the next day as well and I find that I’m not as sore the week after anymore.

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