This week: Dec. 22 Christmas is here!

Last week’s plan:  Keep it together as Christmas quickly approaches, but keep the fitness going!  — I didn’t keep it together and I dropped the ball big time!  Life happened plus I think that I have a hamstring issue, so I took it easy this week.  I didn’t have much balance, and the Hubby noticed the storm cloud/stress face.

Monday: swim/yoga – 30 min swim 

Tuesday: 3 miles/swim
Wednesday: run club/dawn patrol/swim
Thursday: bike
Friday: swim Jingle Jog @ school + walking back and forth from school to home between all the Christmas festivities 2 miles
Saturday: bike  Errands, parties and our own party prep didn’t give room for working out.
Sunday:  5-6 mile recovery run  Anakin’s Sith party!  I thought I was going to get a run in, but the lazies set in…

Planned: 15 miles

Holiday Challenge:  5/15

Holiday Sweat:  4

This week’s plan:  reBuild Miles, stay healthy, enjoy the holidays but get back on track for the Lost Dutchman Half.

Monday:  Swim/Yoga
Tuesday: 3 miles/swim/bike
Wednesday: run club/dawn patrol/swim
Thursday: Christmas!!
Friday: run/swim
Saturday: bike
Sunday:  4-5 mile reBuild run

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