This week: Dec 29 The end and the beginning

It’s the last week of 2014 and the start of 2015!  I’m closing out 2014 by prepping for the first tri of 2015 and running my first race of 2015.

Last week’s plan:  reBuild Miles, stay healthy, enjoy the holidays but get back on track for the Lost Dutchman Half.

Monday:  Swim/Yoga
Tuesday: 3 miles/swim/bike 2 miles is better than no miles!

Wednesday: run club/dawn patrol/swim
Thursday: Christmas!!

Friday: run/swim + bike

Indoor Bike 20 min


Half mile run


15 min swim (roughly 200 yds)


Saturday: bike
Sunday:  4-5 mile reBuild run + 20 min yoga


Holiday Sweat: 10/15

Holiday Challenge:  12/15

This week’s plan:  I signed up for a 30 day yoga challenge ( to help me stretch everyday and work on my tight hips and hamstring.  I getting ready for the Indoor Tri, it should be a lot of fun!

Monday – yoga/swim (20min/20min)
Tuesday – yoga/bike (20min/30min)
Wednesday – run club/dawn patrol (3 miles)
Thursday – Commitment Day 5k (3.1 miles) — with the Hubby!  It’s his first 5k!
Friday – yoga/swim (20min/20min)
Saturday – yoga (20min)
Sunday – Indoor Tri (1 hr)

Holiday Sweat:  18

Holiday Challenge:  18

I’m excited to start my new training journal!  I’m working on fine tuning my goals and what it’s going to take to achieve those goals.  While I’m putting everything here on the blog, I’m still pen and paper gal.  I believe that 2015 is going to be amazing!


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