2015 Goals


I’ve been tossing around some goals for 2015 & I’m trying to come up with reasonable goals that will stick. As I looked back at some of my posts, I realized that I have a great intentions, but I’m drawn to goals and challenges that make it easy for me to fail. 30 day to 90 day challenges, where I haven’t fully thought about the details — I just sign on because it’s something that I think I should be doing and I try to squeeze it in RIGHT NOW! Without planning it out and taking into my schedule. With that in mind, here’s what I have with respect to my goals for 2015: Be more intentional.

This applies to eating, signing up for races and selecting goals.

1. I’m working on moving to a cleaner more whole food based diet for the family. Plan more so I’m less likely to swing through the drive through.  Measurable Goal:  Weekly meal plan including breakfasts and lunches!

2. I went a little race crazy the last 3 months, and I almost double my racing schedule from 2013! I’m going to keep a few races as my “A” races and fill in a few “B” races. The hubby is going to try a few more races, so now it’s $$ to run the 5k runs.

3. Complete a few more triathlons! I’m going to improve my Esprit de She Super Sprint times and try a Sprint distance pool Tri.

4. Strength train and yoga to prevent injury.  Measurable goal:  Attend one Barbell or Yoga class a week.

5. Continue to simplify and declutter our home, our diet and our schedule. Limit internet surfing time. I’ve been getting consumed with the social media associated with the blog but not really working on anything productive.  Measurable goal:  Blog during Daisy’s classes & try for two posts a week.

Some of these thoughts are overlapping, so I’m still fine tuning these goals. I’ll work on coming up with measurable outcomes.

Thank you to Cynthia, Courtney, and Mar for hosting the Friday Five Link Up!  I’m looking forward to joining more linkups in 2015.

What are your goals for 2015? Ready? Set? Let’s Go!


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