Keeping it real

This past Tuesday, I was rocking and feeling like I had it all together.

I ran in the morning and I went to barbell for the first time in months! I felt challenged and strong.

I was watching my nephew in the afternoon, and I made it to pick up Anakin with Daisy and BabyB in tow. The littles had tiny naps and things were rolling along.

I had great dinner aspirations. Chicken pot pie was on the menu BUT I didn’t get is started until 6:30. The filling was fine BUT I tried using phyllo sheets for the topping and I have no experience using phyllo. I thought I was making tasty little rollovers. Nope, it was phyllo burrito! The hubby and I just kept laughing because it was late and the kids were past tired and the filling to phyllo ratio was abysmal.




I was so disappointed because dinner was awful, I wasted all that time and the kids didn’t get the bed until after 9. The hubby convinced me that even if the dinner was horrible, it was still a great day. I’m truly blessed to have a hubby that will help me shift my perspective so that I can keep it together.

Lessons learned:
1. Oil in between the phyllo sheets.
2. Don’t start making dinner after 6:30, no matter how easy I think it’s going to be to put together.
3. Hubby doesn’t like baklava, spanakopita or anything else with phyllo.
4. #Marthadoesntlivehere

One thought on “Keeping it real

  1. Awwww, sooo sweet about your husband!! Very cool you have an amazing, supportive husband! That’s the best! 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend! XOXO

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