The Start of the New Routine

The first full week of the new year and I tried really hard to “keep it together”

I watched my nephew in the afternoons and it took a little adjusting while I remembered how to take care of a one year old!  I still managed to get in 4 workouts, so I had that going for me (despite having leftovers for 3 nights of the week).

Last week:

Monday – Stretch and Foam roll – yes for the most part
Tuesday – Run 3/Barbell Class – YES!!  

Wednesday – Run Speed/Swim.  Walked 2 mi to warm up and then ran 2 miles sub 10:55 pace (between 10:55-9:37)
Thursday – Swim DrillsRest time!
Friday – Rest!  — Swim!  620 yds in 80-120 yds increments.
Saturday – Bike  I really need to get on the bike sometime in 2015!!
Sunday – Long Run – 7 miles! + Bonus MRTT Yoga at Lorna Jane!

I’m participating in the #SweatPink #NoExcuses challenge!  This year, I’m trying not to spread myself too thin, but to also challenge myself daily.  This is also the first week of Daisy’s activities, so we’ll see how well I can “keep it together!”  Here’s the plan for this week:

Monday – 30 sec plank + Rest
Tuesday – 3 miles (easy) + barbell
Wednesday – 10 burpees + Pace workout 0.5mi warmup; (4:00 @ 9:53/mi &  3:00 recovery jog) x4; 0.5mi cool down
Thursday – 20 squats + 3 miles (easy)
Friday – Swim!
Saturday – Hike!
Sunday – Piles of Miles — aiming for 8-9 miles (@ 10:55/mi)

Will I muster enough courage to attend Masters swim this week?!?!  We’ll see.  I am also working on not being so hard on myself when things aren’t going exactly as planned.  I’ve been in a little funk, maybe it’s the weather (I think that I’m powered by the sun) or maybe I just need to get out of my head.  Anyways, let’s be active and have an awesome week!!

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