What’s in my gym bag?

I’m joining Cynthia, Courtney, and Mar for the Friday Five Link Up!


Today’s topic: What’s in your gym bag?


I like to keep everything separated so I use cloth diaper wet/dry bags & race/giveaway bags to keep it all organized.


1. My little red bag has my goggles & swim cap. I also use it to carry my phone and locker key out to the pool.

2. My pool/shower shoes – the best Target deal I’ve had in awhile!

3. 2n1 shampoo and deodorant for freshening up after workouts and before preschool, volunteering, or errands.


4. My clean clothes, especially since I’m volunteering this afternoon.

5. Post workout snacks and hydration:  Jerky, Honey Stinger waffles and pineapple Skratch to throw in my water bottle for later.

Things I forgot today:  Headphones & Clean Socks!!

What’s the must have in your gym bag?  What have you forgotten lately?

Be sure to check out the rest of the link up!


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