The Three Week Countdown

As I mentioned in my last post, I love to sing so there’s always music playing in my head.  When I started this post, the first thing song that came to mind was the “It’s the Three Week Countdown!” (as sung to the “Final Countdown” by Europe)

Here’s what I’ve been up to this past week:

Monday:  Rest and Recovery (and mini bowling!)
Tuesday: Barbell:  I used light weights because of my sore newbie swimmer’s shoulder. Parent & Me Ice Skating:  I worked hard for 45 min trying not to fall during Parent/Tot ice skating lessons!  Only one spill for me and a couple for her.


Wednesday: Masters Swim (progression from no arms to swimming) 800 yds & 3.5 miles treadmill (10:10 mile & 10:42 mile)

Thursday: Swim 45 min progression homework
Friday: Rest. Field trip with Kinders to the Children’s Museum of Phoenix
Saturday: Badminton in the backyard with the boys. Not really a workout, but enough active minutes to get me out of my mini funk. 🙂
Sunday: #holidaychallengevirtualrace 7.14 miles! I was slower than I’ve been the last few weeks, but it also took me a while to warm up.

Total Mileage: 10.6

I have three weeks until I’m running the Lost Dutchman Half.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here, but I’ve been recently thinking that I’m going to lay off the longer distance races for a little bit.  Right now, I have the Tri for the Cure and the Tempe Esprit de She Super Sprint (I’m an ambassador EDS091) on my Race Calendar, but nothing else that I’m really focused on.  I’m getting faster, but I feel like I’m chasing down a time even though I say I’m not.  The hard part is that I’m not getting the higher mileage I need to become faster at the longer distances. It’s also hard to focus on the longer distances when I’m trying to squeeze in two other sports for myself.  I still haven’t ridden my bike this year, so it’s a matter of scheduling and making it happen.  I also realized last weekend, how much I love to hike!  We have a number of amazing trails in the Greater Phoenix area, so I want to make more time for hikes.  Especially, when it’s something that I can do with friends or as an active date with the hubby.

What I’m proud of
1. I went back to masters swim
2. I ran a few hours after my swimming session to get a little speed work into the schedule.

Where I’m struggling
Making time for the bike. I got lazy on Saturday and let the time pass instead of getting on my bike. I know that I just have to get up and ride! I can get up and run without thinking about it so now it needs to become a pattern for the bike as well.

What I’m working towards this week
It’s a full week this week, so I’m balancing sleep, workouts and quality time with the hubby. I also missed the #noexcuses prompts for this week. I’ll be back this week for more!

I’ll be joining Jesica at rUnladylike for the weekly recap link up, join us in keeping focused your goals!

2 thoughts on “The Three Week Countdown

  1. Good job this week on all your swimming and masters swim. The bike was always my least favorite of the three sports so I tried to spend more time doing most what I liked the least to get stronger. You will get back on it this week. I also think it is good that you will relieve some pressure moving forward on the endurance race front. Running a half definitely requires higher weekly mileage and it’s important to be passionate about what you’re doing (like hiking and skating) 🙂 Great job staying accountable. Have a great week this week! xoxo

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