Friday Five: Indoor Workouts

I’m joining Cynthia, Courtney, and Mar for this week’s Friday Five Link Up!  It’s pouring outside, so today’s Friday Five indoor workout linkup is perfect!

In Arizona, indoor workouts are typically reserved for the summer months and rainy days, or in my case, when you have to put the kiddos in the Kid’s Club at the gym. 🙂 My favorite indoor workouts:

1. Zumba/Dance Jam (Cardio dance) classes – I love the music and the dancing (that’s a given) in these classes. I don’t go regularly so I’m always catching up with choreography. Most of the time when I don’t quite get the moves and I give up and just dance to the music. It’s all good because I always leave sweaty and happy!

2. Yin/Restorative Yoga – This type of yoga class really pushes the mind and body to sink down into a deeper stretch and get to the tendons and the fascia. It’s less of a flow class, but more of a hold the stretch/pose for a minute to three minutes! It feels great the day after long runs. I just have to work on quieting my mind so that I can stay in the poses a little longer.

3. Barre Fitness – Yes, I’m a sucker for the dance category classes. These classes take some of the basic tenants of ballet and pilates and incorporate them into toning and stretching. I love the way my muscles feel after the plies and the stretches. I always feel long and leaner after I attend a class.

4. Barbell – I never thought that I would like to lift weights, but this class is a great intro and bridge into getting comfortable with lifting weights. I’m not comfortable in the weight room; I need the extra help (hand holding) but I can’t afford a personal trainer and it’s not easy to coordinate workout schedules with the hubby. Barbell is a great way to challenge myself with weights but while in a controlled environment.


5. Masters Swim – Yes, I’m currently fixated on the Masters Swim! I feel like I should have tried this class months ago. Swimming is such a great workout, so I feel like I’m working all my muscles. I’m learning more about my body and engaging my body to perform better – mainly engaging my core and working on my coordination! The masters class is great because there’s an instructor to give you the plan. You don’t have to come up with a swim workout on your own, and they’ll give you tips for improvement.

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Now that I’m thinking of these classes, especially #1-3 on my list, I realize that it’s been a long while since I’ve attended these classes. Since it’s running season here, I’ve been outside/hitting the treadmills or the pool so much that I haven’t been able to squeeze the fun classes into my schedule. I’m going to work more yoga into my week with the #taketheleap #prana 30 day yoga challenge. After the 15th, I’ll be able to add more dancing (and biking) into my schedule. Look out — there’s a spin class on the horizon!


3 thoughts on “Friday Five: Indoor Workouts

    1. Jump in! Swimming is an amazing workout. I didn’t think that I could learn to swim, but it just takes a few lessons with an instructor to look at what you are doing and give you some pointers and exercises to practice. Thank you for stopping by!

  1. Ohhh I love any swim talk!! Yaay!! So happy you’re enjoying swimming! Just love your attitude about exercise and living a happy life! You are beautiful! Have a wonderful week! XOXO

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