Two Weeks until Lost Dutchman Half

EEEEEEEk!  I have a little less than two weeks until the Lost Dutchman Half.  This past week, I rocked the workouts, especially the swim.  Big question…  Did I get on the bike this week?  (Spoiler alert:  Yes!  I did!)

Week in Review

Monday – Masters Swim 1275 yds
What?  I kept double checking my math, because I couldn’t believe that I completed that workout.  I’m working on the pull with the pull buoy. Whoa, it’s hard and makes me feel very uncoordinated!

Tuesday – Barbell

I’m working on my confidence and form.

Wednesday – Whoo-hoo! Masters Swim AND I got on the bike!

Yes, I’m “dance of joy” happy!

Thursday – Celebrated a BRF (Best Running Friend’s) Birthday with 4+ mile treadmill run

Friday –  Mini swim

Saturday – rest day

Sunday – 10 miler in the fog!

What I’m proud of
I’m just slightly addicted to swimming these days. It’s gratifying to get the pool and feel the smooth glide of the water.  It’s quiet and peaceful.  A little like yoga and another way to get my zen on.

I’ve been incorporating the #noexcuses challenge prompts into my workouts.

Where I’m struggling
Getting my runs in during the week, and when I do run, I feel like I’m chasing numbers.  I forgot my Bia and Garmin for my long run on Sunday, so I was relying on my navigational skills and my Strava app on the phone.  I was a little dissappointed with my times when I reached the halfway point.  I thought I was pushing myself more that what was reflected.  After I posted it on instagram, I received positive feedback and I realized that I’m still doing great.  It’s just a matter of perspective.  I also need more foam rolling & stretching in my life!

What I’m working towards this week
Incorporating yoga stretches as part of the #TakeTheLeap challenge.  Another bike ride!

I’ll be joining Jesica at rUnladylike for the weekly recap link up, join us in keeping focused on those 2015 goals!

One thought on “Two Weeks until Lost Dutchman Half

  1. Thanks so much for linking up with your weekly workouts. I love to see everyone’s workouts. Great job this past week, especially with the swimming! I always struggle to get motivated in the pool 🙂 When it comes to running, don’t get caught up in numbers. Just listen to your body and you will probably feel better and enjoy those miles even more. Way to make it happen this week, and good luck with tackling your challenges for the week ahead. You’ve got this! xoxoxo

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