One week to Lost Dutchman

It’s the last week before taper and I’m already a little stir crazy. One week until the Lost Dutchman race!

I’m joining Cynthia, Courtney, and Mar for this week’s Friday Five Link Up! This week’s Friday Five topic (Fitness Snapshots) lines up well with my Week in Review post!

Monday – Hubby was heading out of town, so I missed Masters Swim.  I made it to the pool for a workout later in the day.

It’s also the start of the #TakeTheLeap yoga challenge sponsored by prAna and SweatPink.

Tuesday – Barbell day! Today we started a new routine, and it includes a heavy set. I tried to challenge myself this week.

We also had our last Parent & Me Ice Skating through the Town.  This was a tester class and it looks like there are more lessons in our future!

Wednesday – Masters Swim big breakthrough – I swam 150 yds nonstop after the main set workout. Later in the morning, I met the run club gals and did some Lost Dutchman prep.  After warm up, ran for 15:00 at 10:40/mi pace and 2x 10:00 at 9:40 pace. It was a little off my run coach schedule, but I fit most of the workout into the time.

We enjoyed the beautiful day by walking and scooting home from school.

Thursday – I did a calibration run with my Pear sports app and my Mio link heart rate monitor, but afterwards the app froze and didn’t save my workout. I do know my new values since I snapped this picture to break the app.



Friday – I missed taking pictures, but I convinced Anakin to ride his bike to school this morning! That means I also got a chance to ride my BFF. It was just a quick mile round trip, but it was still a ride. I also realized that my new bike is very different than the hybrid I borrowed from my SIL.  Riding to school takes more balance and patience since I’m the caboose in our school train.  Thankfully, I only came close to falling once.

I met the running gals for another swim session. Yup, I have an addiction. I think that I swam 400 yds non stop today. I was aiming for 200 yds, but then I was feeling great so I decided to keep going. I’m still working on a way to keep the laps straight in my head.  I can feel my technique improving and the glide during my freestyle feels so much better. We swam inside today, but I’m excited for the warmer temperatures so I can jump into this pool!

Saturday – rest day

Sunday – I’ll come back and fill in the blanks for my training run!

What I’m proud of
Swimming and more swimming. As long as I keep it up, I’m definitely going to be ready for the Tri for the Cure!

Where I’m struggling
Making time for the bike. After the Lost Dutchman half, I’ll be able to devote more time to riding. Making time to stretch and foam roll.

What I’m working towards this week
Not going completely taper crazy! I’m working on more yoga, hopefully I’ll make a class this week. I think it will help with my tight glutes and hip.

I’ll be joining Jesica at rUnladylike for the weekly recap link up, join us in keeping focused on those 2015 goals!

5 thoughts on “One week to Lost Dutchman

      1. You can’t swim now? I am south of Tucson and our pool is always too warm-I would KILL to jump in a cold pool! Be right there! (the colder the better!) We swim from Alcatraz every year and it’s hard to train for it when you have aware pool!

      2. I’m a newbie swimmer, but I could probably jump in. I’m just chicken. I think it was in the 50s this week. Perfect for your training, right? Come on up!

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