Sunday’s Run – Songs on the Run

Since I already finished the week in review, I’ll recap Sunday’s run in a post all to itself.

When we started our run, the gas station was Gloria playing overhead. This really set the stage for my run!

These were the songs that I remembered playing in my head along the run.
Boom clap

Just around the river bend

Sexy back



I’m going to start a “Songs on the Run” playlist to keep track of all these gems!

The run itself was okay.  My goal pace was 10:46, but I just couldn’t nail it.  It was an out and back route, so I hit negative splits on the way back.  I’m happy about the negative splits since that’s what I’m aiming for Sunday!


4 thoughts on “Sunday’s Run – Songs on the Run

    1. Ooh! That’s a great song, too! And for some random reason now I have the Jungle Book’s – “I want to be like you” stuck in my head. Love the Disney songs! Thank you for stopping by :)!

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