5 Good Things

I’m joining CynthiaCourtney, and Mar for this week’s Friday Five Link Up!  


It’s Good Friday, so today’s theme is 5 “Good” Things.  Here’s my list of the good in my life right now.

1.  Getting faster

I mentioned in my Tri for the Cure post, that I ran a lot faster than I ever thought I could.  I haven’t been putting much time into running, but it felt awesome to be flying to the finish line last week. 
2.  Moving up a lane

I started Masters Swim classes back at the end of January.  I’ve been going at least once a week to class and swimming 2-3 other times during the week.  This week, I found myself moving up a lane!  The gals are a lot faster so it definitely pushes me to swim faster.  I may be addicted to swimming. 

3.  Fenix 3

After Bia’s demise, I was in grief about my watch and my data-to-be.  My hubby recently got a promo, so he’s been keeping an eye out for a nice hiking type watch.  I was leaning towards a Garmin 920xt, but I saw the Fenix 2 for sale in a FB group and soon learned about the Fenix 3.  After I told him about it, he surprised me with it.  Well, right now we are sharing the watch.  We are challenging each other to be healthy and lose a few pounds.  Our competition goes through the end of May.  Winner claims the watch.  I’m using it now since it’s going to be mine anyway!  I’m workingon a post about the features I’ve tried so far!

4.  Best (Running/Exercise/Hiking/Gaming) Friends 

I’m super blessed to have running, hiking, exercise and gaming friends who are true friends.  I’m more of an extrovert than I originally thought and joining the gym and other online running groups (MRTT and AZTNT) have really helped me keep it together.  I’m also glad that I’m still in touch with folks from my working days.  We have more in common than just the daily grind! 


Yes, I was the Princess of Hate! Gotta love it when the game decides your traits and your preschooler decides you have to wear the crown.



5.  Family Time

I’m watching my nephew during the day while my folks are out of the country.  I’m lucky that I’m able to watch them play and learn together.  I love that we live in the same city and I hope that the kiddos will continue to be close.  

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Happy cousins! #parktime #balancingmommy #balancingauntie

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He’s got the moves like his mommy and daddy!

Do you do Masters Swim?  Give a shout out to your Best Running Friend or your running group!  What’s on your wrist?  What’s good this week?

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